Who we are & what we do

Wormhill and Green Fairfield Parish Council is independent of all political party policies and consists of 11 members who are unpaid and give their time freely to the community. The Clerk, who works part-time and is paid, supports the Parish Council by dealing with all correspondence and administration. The Clerk is also the 'Responsible Financial Officer', and as such is accountable for proper use of public funds.


What does your Parish Council do?

The council usually meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month, at 7.30pm, in Wormhill Village Hall. At these meetings the council discusses and makes decisions within its powers and responsibilities on issues affecting the community it represents.

This Parish Council is responsible for a reasonable amount of land including provision and management of;

  • Lease and Rental Agreements of allotment sites within the Parish.
  • Allotment site 1: Bathamgate Road (Peak Dale).
  • Allotment site 2: Upper End Road (Peak Dale).
  • Lease and rental agreements on the parish owned garage site/complex.
  • Maintaining leases on sports complex, comprising two pitches and pavilion.
  • Two ex BT telephone kiosks housing difibrillators.
  • Three notice boards located at Wormhill, Peak Dale and Bathamgate, checked monthly.

The Parish Council also maintains 8 seats, the Brindley Well and Memorial gardens and 2 litter bins around the Parish, as well as providing equipment for summer and winter plant displays. We also provide Christmas lights for the two main villages.

The Parish Council supports, wherever possible, local groups and organisations through donations, including funding the upkeep of two church graveyards located within the Parish.

Any group or organisation active within the parish and bringing benefit to the parish or its inhabitants can request some of the small pot of money made available each year for this purpose. Applications should be sent in writing to the Parish Clerk with a brief outline of the aims of the organisation and a copy of its latest accounts information.


The Parish Council does not have committees. All decisions are made by Full Council, sometimes on advice from working groups that have investigated and gathered information on behalf of the council.

Our Staff

The Parish Clerk and the handyman are the only paid employees of this Parish Council. Either can be contacted using contact us.

If you have a problem to report, this can also be done online.

Parish Clerk & RFO

V Barry Peirson

Wellhead Farm
Nr Buxton
SK17 8SL
01298 871023